We hope you’re having a fabulous weekend (inside we might add) and if you’re looking for the latest on Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. Four new releases have hit Netflix over the weekend and we’ve got the full list of new releases on Netflix for April 5th today.

We’ll be back later today with a look forward at the new releases to hit Netflix over the next 7 days. We’ve already picked out our favorite new movies of the week and will be doing a complete list of what’s new on Netflix this week and the best new TV series later today.

Now let’s move onto what’s new on Netflix for today:

Angel Has Fallen (2019)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Cast: Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, Danny Huston, Rocci Williams
Runtime: 121 min

The first movie is a bit of a surprise given its a Lionsgate movie.

The third movie in the “Has Fallen” movie doesn’t quite have the same regard as the previous two entries but is still a must-watch for fans of the franchise.

Once again, we see Gerard Butler in the thick of it as he’s framed for the attempted assassination of the president.

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