Rick & Morty is heading back for its final five episodes of season 4 on AdultSwim and many regions of Netflix around the world still get new seasons added. Here’s a complete breakdown of if and when Rick & Morty season 4 will be added to your Netflix and when.

At this point, Rick & Morty really doesn’t require much introduction given the cultural phenomenon it has become over the past few years.

The space-traveling adventures of Rick & Morty have seen several seasons released thus far with plenty of specials released onto Adult Swims social media pages.

The fourth season aired its first five episodes between November and December 2019 with the final five now due out on May 3rd, 2020 and wrapping up on May 31st, 2020.

Why isn’t Rick & Morty on Netflix in the US
Unlike some of the regions we’ll move onto, Rick & Morty has never been available on Netflix in the United States. The AdultSwim show has instead been available via streaming through Hulu although that will be changing slightly in 2020.

From later this year, both Hulu and HBO Max will be sharing the license to Rick & Morty. It’s unclear whether Netflix will be able to get in on the action too but it seems increasingly unlikely.

As Netflix Life notes, Hulu isn’t expected to get Rick & Morty season 4 until later in the year possibly October. HBO Max will likely get season 4 in a similar time frame.

Will Rick & Morty Season 4 be on Netflix in the UK?
Netflix UK is a tricky one. As of the time of publishing, the series first three seasons are available but new episodes currently go exclusively to Channel 4 to start with. There’s yet to be anything official as to if and when it will eventually get a Netflix UK release.

If it does, we’d expect it to arrive on Netflix UK in a similar manner to the US releases which would mean a Q4 2020 release on Netflix UK. Again, that’s if it gets added at all.

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